Signing up for Curate is easy 👌

Get access to your insights and hashtags in 3 simple steps:

Sign up with your email address

Visit our sign up page to get access to Curate. Your email is used so you can access Curate and see your hashtag analytics for any of your Instagram accounts.

Curate is only available for Instagram Business Accounts. You can learn more about why here.

Access to your insights are granted via Facebook permissions to the Page that you have your Instagram account linked to. See this tutorial from Instagram on how to Add a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Account.

Wait a minute or two while Curate crunches the numbers

Curate immediately gets to work to get all of your post insights and hashtags ready. Depending on the size of your account this can take a few minutes. 

If it seems like you have incomplete data and you have only linked your account minutes ago then it's likely Curate is still wrapping up. 

Be patient, it will be worth the wait 🤓

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