You have all your hashtags in one place, now start to use them!

There are several ways to add your Selected Hashtags to your Instagram posts.

To recap, use the circle selection for adding hashtags to your Selected Hashtags. You can add hashtags from anywhere you see the hashtag on Curate.

You can also add to your Selected Hashtags from Lists, viewing Posts, filtering from the Hashtags page, the Chrome Extension and more.

Let's cover how to add the Selected Hashtags to your content

Copy the selected hashtags to use wherever you like

If you want to copy your hashtags, they are just a click away by using Copy Hashtags under the Use #'s button. They will be formatted ready to be pasted on Instagram or your scheduling app.

Add the selected hashtags directly to one of your Instagram posts

Since Curate is integrated directly with Instagram it can post comments on your behalf. If you select Comment on Instagram under the Use #'s button then you will be presented with a list of posts to add the hashtags to.

After you select your post, Curate will ask you to confirm the comment and even show you a preview of what it will look like on your post.

Schedule those hashtags to be automatically posted on your future posts

By selecting the Schedule as Comment option in the menu you can have Curate save all of your selected hashtags to automatically add them as a comment whenever you next post on Instagram. 

You can view all of your scheduled comments, rearrange and remove your comments from the Scheduled item in the menu.

Learn more about how to schedule your hashtags in advance here.

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