Planning and scheduling your hashtags in advance is one of the most powerful features of Curate to help save time and effectively manage any hashtag strategy.

Let's break it down:

Use the Selected Hashtags option to build your list

With the circle selection for adding hashtags to your Selected Hashtags you can add hashtags from anywhere you see the hashtag on Curate.

From other Lists, viewing Posts, filtering from the Hashtags page, the Chrome Extension and more.

Turn those Selected Hashtags to create a Scheduled Comment

When you are ready to schedule your hashtags to be automatically posted as a comment on your next post, head to the Selected Hashtags page.

Select the Schedule As Comment option under Use #'s.

Be careful not to not attempt to post over 30 hashtags or Instagram will block the automatic post. The 30 hashtag limit is for any hashtags used in your caption and comment combined. For example, if you use 3 hashtags in your caption then you can only schedule 27 other hashtags in the comment.

Manage your Comments from the Scheduled section

You can view all of your scheduled comments, rearrange and remove your comments from the Scheduled item in the menu.

Each row is a group of selected hashtags and you can quickly see the hashtag breakdown along with their stats.

Curate will detect when you make your next post and the first group of hashtags will be added to your post as a comment. 

It currently uses a "....." format to hide your hashtags as much as possible.

That's it!

Just plan ahead and let Curate do all the rest 💪

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