Using Lists is a great way to manage hashtags based on your personal preference or hashtag strategy. 

You can group hashtags by their category, post count, demographic or whatever works best for you.

There are three ways to add your hashtags to a List in Curate

Use the Star icon next to each hashtag to add it to a new or existing List

You can use the Star icon to add or remove any hashtag from your Lists.

The Star will be gray if the hashtag doesn't belong to any Lists.

If you hover over the Star when the hashtags belongs to a List then you can quickly see which Lists the hashtag is already part of.

Once you click the Star icon, a drawer will appear allowing you to select Lists you want to add that hashtag to. You can also create a new List from here.

Use the checkbox selection to select multiple hashtags at once to a List

On the Hashtags page, you can select multiple hashtags at once by using the checkboxes.

Once you have selected all of the hashtags that you want to add to a List, click on the Gear icon. From there, select the Add to List option to select which List you want to add the hashtags to or create a new one from the ones you picked.

Use the Selected Hashtags option to build your list

With the purple Plus button for adding hashtags to your Selected Hashtags you can add hashtags from anywhere you see the hashtag on Curate.

From other Lists, viewing Posts, filtering from the Hashtags page, the Chrome Extension and more.

If you see the green Check button then that hashtag is already on your Selected Hashtags.

When you are ready to save all of your selected hashtags to a List then visit the Selected Hashtags in the top menu.

On the Selected Hashtags page, click on the Use Hashtags option under Hashtag Actions section. From there choose Save as List to save all of the hashtags you have selected on Curate to a List.

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