Curate provides all of the data and insights you need to determine the best hashtags to use on each of your Instagram Business accounts.

Here are some of the metrics provided:

  • Post Count - Number of posts using a specific hashtag to gauge the general popularity

  • Score - Personalized score based on hashtag data combined with your actual Instagram post insights. The ating between 0-100 showing how well your posts did using this hashtag. The more visible the number, the more confident Curate is of the score.

  • Usage - Percent of time you post using that hashtag

  • In A Row - Number of your posts that are using that hashtag in a row

  • Overused - Number of your posts out of your last 10 that use this hashtag

  • Banned - If the hashtags is permanently or temporarily banned by Instagram

  • Top Posts - If you have been able to reach the top posts or not for this hashtag

Independently each of these metrics are valuable but combing this data with your own intuition in your niche is where it really shines.

Check out our blog to see exactly how these metrics and the power of hashtags can be put to use for your business.

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